Rush Week Happies★

Hey Guys!!! We are SO excited for our first rush week at our Oxford location!! We are also pumped to announce we are making rush week happies and bid day baskets this year! Our rush week happies are a special way to wish your girl good luck on a long hard week!  ALSO PERFECT FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS!

             Our bid day boxes are a special way to say congratulations to your loved one on her big day! After joining a sorority, girls love to have their letters everywhere they go! Our marketing team has created individual boxes with popular TRENDY items to showcase sorority membership. What is super neat about our rush week happies and bid day baskets is that our marketing team that is making them are Ole Miss sorority girls themselves so they KNOW what the girls are wanting/ needing for this week! We also will deliver to any OLE MISS on campus dorms for FREE, yes that’s right FREE!!!!!!

Rush Week Happies

What is a Rush Week Happy?

            A Rush Week Happy is a small gift (nicely wrapped and delivered for free) to put a smile on your loved ones face! We will have tons of options available for your girl! To order: buy online using promo code “RUSH2018” and in the order comments write your girls Name, Phone Number, her dorm room building, room number and what day you want it delivered. If you want same day delivery please order that days item by 3 pm. QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED SO PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE ASAP!


Example: "Jane Doe, Martin Dorm Room 000, please deliver on Tuesday" 


What is a Bid Day Box?

            Bid Day Box will be filled with the LATEST trends in sorority gift items and clothing. Your gift will make this day even more special by providing her with the opportunity to immediately wear her new letters!  We have carefully selected items for each box level that are sure to put a smile on her face when she receives your gift.  Ranging from the latest hand painting canvas with their letters on them (perfect for the dorm room), water bottles, make up bags, must-have sorority letter car decals and more, we promise the girls will love every item.

How does it work?

            We are now taking orders for Bid Day Boxes!  We have different box options with a complete description of items which will be in each box listed on the front of this page. Our staff has spent months planning for this occasion to ensure we have a great selection for you.  Boxes will be filled in the order they are placed.  If we do happen to run out of an item, that item will be replaced with something of equal value and just as cute and PERFECT, therefore the content of some boxes is subject to change! Just to be safe you’ll want to order your Bid Day Box as soon as possible! All you have to do is call us or place your order online! If you place your order online make sure to sure the promo code “RUSH2018” so you will not be charged shipping!! 

How will you know which sorority to deliver my box to?

            We receive the bid list after the girls receive their bid.  As soon as we have the list we will begin to fill baskets in the order they were placed.  Delivery to the sorority houses will begin immediately.  We will make deliveries to the houses all day on Bid Day and continue on Monday if needed. Due to the high volume of orders, we are unable to notify each girl who receives a basket.  They will be delivered to an area designated by each house. Please be sure you notify the recipient to expect a basket so she’ll know to go find her basket.  It will be clearly labeled with her name on the box! If you have any questions call us :)